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Next House
Address: 500 Memorial Drive
Building # W71
Occupancy: 347
Room Types: singles, doubles, triples
Dining: Dining Hall (meal plan required), one large Country Kitchen, smaller cooking areas in each wing
Housemasters: Chris and Bette Colombo
Opened: 1982
Housing info:

Next House (500 Memorial Drive) is one of the largest undergraduate dorms on campus. Known for being very friendly and having a wide-array of interests, Next house residents are generally easy-going people who love to hang out, have fun, and enjoy their time together at MIT.

Located at the end of dorm row, Next is generally considered to be among the farther dorms from campus (though walking from the Student Center takes less than 10 minutes). This distance is however considered by many to be one of Next’s greatest virtues, and as such Next House t-shirts sometimes lovingly depict the image from the cover of Where the Sidewalk Ends. Next house’s location also offers views of the riverfront, downtown Boston, Fenway, the infamous CITGO sign, and relaxing walks along dorm row.


Physical layout

Next House is S-shaped. The first floor has a large lounge (the Tastefully Furnished Lounge, or TFL), a recently-renovated dining hall, weight and cardio workout rooms, and a music room. The basement contains a large game area with foosball, pool, and ping pong tables, the Country Kitchen, and laundry faciltities. The remaining floors (2-5) contain student rooms and are each divided into East and West wings.


Next house is considered by many to be one of the friendliest and most social dorms on campus. Next has regular study breaks and social events, as well as formals and occasional parties. After classes, Nexties can often be found in lounges working on problem sets together, cooking, working out, jamming in the music room, watching TV, and just generally enjoying their time together at MIT. Many believe that these smaller, impromptu social gatherings are what really define the warmth and social atmosphere of Next house. Next also has a number of student interest groups (see below).

Next Act

Every year during CPW, Next House performs a musical through the dorm's theatrical group, Next Act. The Tastefully Furnished Lounge on the first floor is transformed into a theater, and students from all across campus (not just Next house) participate as actors, actresses, prod staff, and pit orchestra musicians. Next Act is also known for accepting people with a wide range of experience levels, with many not having any prior acting experience. Over the course of rehearsing the show, Next Acters become a big family that eats, does problem sets, and has fun until considerably past midnight every night in the lounge. Next Act has been an annual tradition for decades.

Recent productions include The Scarlet Pimpernel, Urinetown, Sweet Charity, and Once Upon a Mattress.

Next Make

Next Make is a group dedicated to building cool, techie projects and generally furthering Mens et Manus at MIT. Each year, Next Make members work on a Large Project, which this past year was the Next House Party Lighting System. Consisting of high-intensity color, white, and UV LEDs and real-time music analysis software, the party lighting system was designed, built, soldered, and coded completely from scratch by Next Make members who love electronics, mechanical design, and software. The lighting system premiered at the Next House Impulse party in February and drew over 500 students from across campus.

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