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Traders@MIT is an educational club aimed at preparing its members for careers in the financial markets. The club explores differences in trading desks, teaches the fundamentals of financial products, and strives to give members a head start in learning the skills necessary to become successful traders.

Currently, the club has three major initiatives at MIT:

Each November, it hosts the Traders@MIT Fall Intercollegiate Trading Competition. The competition invites 90 students from nine top-tier universities to compete in electronic and open-outcry trading simulations. Competitors also have the opportunity to interact with sponsors from leading investment banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.

The second focus is a spring trading seminar, a 6-credit course on the fundamentals of trading. The seminar covers strategy development, market microstructure, and the elements of finance theory most relevant to work in the field. There are no prerequisites; interested students should email the club.

Lastly, Traders@MIT hosts educational info sessions throughout the school year with representatives from different banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms. These events make it easier for interested students to get an inside look at industry and pursue their professional goals. Students interested in careers in trading should join the mailing list to find out about these info sessions.

To join the event mailing list, ask questions, or express an interest in joining the Traders@MIT executive board, email